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Principal's Message


Dear Friends and Families:


This fall, we will begin to celebrate our 80th anniversary as an elementary school.  We will honor the achievements and contributions of our students who have walked the hallways of our little hometown elementary school.  And we will recognize how our school has grown and how Norvelt Elementary School has served Mount Pleasant Township.


But there is another attribute to celebrate- a constant throughout Norvelt Elementary’s history.  Our elementary school proudly proclaims its commitment to Eleanor Roosevelt’s original vision of educating all students in an inclusive and caring setting.  


In the midst of the Great Depression, our school, funded by the New Deal, symbolizes the power of a high quality grade school education to change lives and reminds us of our proud past and our bright future.  Norvelt Elementary School was recognized as a 2016-17 Distinguished School by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs.


Many factors have led to our school’s success since our founding in 1938.  Bright and inquisitive students. Talented and caring teachers. Dedicated staff.  Loyal former students. A proud, hard-working community.


Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy reminds us of our obligation to support our children and neighbors.  It includes sharing our expertise to improve the quality of life for our students, inviting the Mount Pleasant Area community to our school for special events, and making our community a part of our creative and hands-on learning programs.  


Once again, we are very excited about this school year and for the opportunity to educate your child.  We look forward to continuing our partnership with you and your child to achieve the highest degree of excellence in their education.



John P. Campbell


Norvelt Elementary School