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The Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP)

  • The Elementary Student Assistance Program (ESAP) is a state-wide initiative to help students who have unexplained barriers to learning.
     What is ESAP?
    The Mount Pleasant Area School District Elementary Student Assistance Program is a systematic approach to the identification of students who may be at risk due to drug/alcohol, mental health, parent divorce/separation, social issues, grieving over the death of a loved one, and other personal problems. 
    ESAP is an intervention, not a treatment, program that integrates a process of information gathering, intervention, and referral through a school Core Team.
    What is a Core Team?
    A Core Team is a trained team of school personnel that meets to select appropriate avenues in order to assist the at-risk student.  The Core Team is also assisted by a ESAP Liaison that attends the ESAP meetings and interviews students to help parents connect with appropriate supports in the community.  If you have any questions, please contact one of our ESAP core team members.
    Core Team Members at Norvelt Elementary
    1. Scott Bryer-Principal
    2. Jessica Kulyk-School Counselor 
    3. Jenifer Kaputa-Reading Specialist 
    4. Paul Walker-Reading Specialist
    5.Lisa Stouffer-1st Grade Teacher
    6. Andrea Iksic-Learning Support Teacher
    7. Angela Fox-3rd Grade Teacher
    8. Emily Pomponi-WASAP Representative
    How are students referred to ESAP?
    Students are referred via teachers, school administrators, guidance counselors, school nurse, students, self-referral, family members, or other school personnel.  ESAP is a voluntary  and parents will be asked to sign a permission form for their child to go through the ESAP process.

    The Mount Pleasant Area School District strives to respect and maintain confidentiality throughout the ESAP process.