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Sixth Grade County Chorus

Sixth Grade County Chorus - 2020
 Friday, February 28, 2020
Yough Intermediate Middle School
All 6th grade students have the option to audition for this select group of singers during our Christmas Program solo try-outs.   Those students who are selected to participate, based upon their ability to meet the criteria established by the festival organizers, will meet for a series of no more than a half dozen after school rehearsals beginning in January to prepare their repertoire for the festival concert.  Students will then rehearse for a full day at the location and date indicated above with other 6th grade students from across Westmoreland County, and then perform together in a concert that evening for their friends and family in the community.
Thanks to the generosity of the Mount Pleasant Area School District, there is no cost to students for participating in this festival except in the event that a student who was selected withdraws their participation prior to the festival date.  Should this happen, you may be expected to reimburse the district for any or all fees they have already paid for this student to attend.
Students will be transported to the festival from school via school bus.  However, students must arrange their own pick up from the festival after the concert.
Families should expect to pay a minimal entrance fee for admission to the festival concert.  This money goes to supporting music education throughout Westmoreland County. 
For more information, please visit the Westmoreland County Music Educators Association website: