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Parent Information Sheet



  • I hope this information page will help answer some of your questions regarding lessons and band.  If you have questions, please feel free to call or email me at school.     724-547-4100       ext. 3003   ext. 4110   ext. 2120
  • Each child will have ONE LESSON in each 6-day cycle.  The lessons will always be on the same school day number each six day cycle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).  PLEASE HELP ME BY HELPING YOUR CHILD TO REMEMBER THEIR INSTRUMENT AND FOLDER ON THE CORRECT DAY EACH WEEK.
  • Full Band rehearsal will be held once in each 6-day cycle.
  • All instruments must have identification on the outside of the case.  Instruments are only to be in school on lesson and band days. 
  • Instruments needing repair may be brought to school on any day.  Please email and notify Mr. Murphy of the issue.
  • Learning to play an instrument requires daily practice.  Try to set aside a definite time and place to practice each day.  20 MINUTES OF DAILY PRACTICE IS RECOMMENDED!!!!  Enthusiasm will vary from time to time.  This is normal.  Please do not get discouraged.  The end result, making music, is definitely worth it! 
  • Grades for instrumental music will include the ability to perform the assigned music in lessons.  This includes turning in a practice report filled out and signed, posture, a characteristic or proper tone, correct notes, fingerings, articulations, dynamics, and the ability to play through songs without stopping.
  • STUCK MOUTHPIECES IN TRUMPETS, FRENCH HORNS, TROMBONES, AND BARITONES – Please do not try and remove these.  I have a tool to remove stuck mouthpieces without damaging the instrument or the mouthpiece.  Carefully get the instrument and the case to school and I will take care of it.  Please notify Mr. Murphy via email or phone call.

Elementary Spring Concert will be on Wednesday, May, 15th at 7 pm in the Mount Pleasant High School Auditorium. 

Students will need to report to the Jr./Sr. High Cafeteria by 6 pm to tune and warm-up.