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How to Achieve Success in Band


How to Achieve Success in Band

Tips for Parents


  • Find a consistent time for your child to practice, such as immediately after finishing homework or right before dinner.


  • Encourage your child to break up his/her practice time. The 100 minutes should never be completed in one sitting! Try 20 minutes, 5 times a week.


  • Never use practicing an instrument as punishment; similarly, never use not practicing as a reward.


  • Trouble getting your child to go to his/her lesson on time? Friendly reminders, such as a note in your child’s agenda or on his/her desk may help. Some parents have even set their child’s watch alarm to beep at the appropriate time!


  • Take your child to hear live, musical performances. There are many local ensembles that do not charge admission. Check local newspapers or various websites for listings.


  • Listen to your child play. A mini-concert is a great family activity and can boost a student’s confidence.


  • Insist on practice. Some students may need the occasional “nudge” to practice. This is normal at the elementary level! They will thank you later!!




How to Achieve Success