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How To Practice

How to Practice


ü      Find a quiet place to work, free from distractions.


ü      Brass players, buzz for three full minutes before attempting to play!


ü      Begin with scales: work on them slowly and check for correct fingerings and pitches. Tip: LISTEN!  If it does not sound like a scale, you might be playing something incorrectly.


ü      After working on your scales, begin your lesson assignment.  Please do not just play through songs – work on them!  Here is how:


  1. Take one measure at a time. Once you have learned one measure, learn the next – then, put them together.  Eventually, you will be able to play the whole song!


  1. If you do not know how to finger a note, use your fingering chart.  It is your best friend!


  1. Determine your tempo (speed).  To do this, find the most difficult spot in the music.  Figure out at what tempo you can take that section and still play it correctly.  That is your tempo for the entire song.


  1. Listen to yourself!  If the song you are learning does not sound quite “right”, you may be missing a note or a rhythm.



ü      After working on your scales and lesson assignment, begin working on your band music in the same manner.


ü      Have fun and practice carefully!